Needles, hormones and pessaries. Part 1

Sorry that we haven’t posted in a while, our journey became very military and we overthought a lot which we think had an impact on our result.

Anyway… back to the beginning.

On the 12th April I started taking Northisterone tablets for 2 weeks, these tablets were to stop my period and also what I can only describe as turn me into a hormone monster. On the 23rd April I also started taking 1 injection each evening of Suprecur, Pete did this for me, I can do it, although it takes me a lot longer to inject myself, so Pete stepped up to Doctor Pete. Suprecur is used during treatment to stop the natural release of hormones which stop the release of eggs from my ovaries. These injections were taken for 2 and a half weeks, and they turned me into an evil, hungry, bloated whale monster. Pete could do nothing right, even when he was completely right, it was a stressful time.

Also during this time we booked a ‘scratch’ now these are quite new and there isn’t a lot of research into if they are beneficial or not. The point of the scratch, is to cause a small ‘cut’ in the uterus, this is not done under sedation, and I was told it could be quite uncomfortable. Now as a woman, I find it hard enough trying to explain a period pain to a man, but trying to explain the pain this scratch caused is impossible. But what I will say is it was one of the most intensely painful experiences I have ever had, I cried out in pain and could stay still. I managed not to cry, until I saw Pete then I turned into a child who wants attention after falling over. I’m going to do another blog post on the scratch itself as it’s something I am interested in knowing wether they are worth doing on not.

As well these injections, a week in I started taking a second injection which was Menopur, this was kept in the fridge and stung so much when Pete injected me. This injection was to provide follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). If you remember I was told I had very low FSH produced for my age, so the dose was a strong enough to help produce as many eggs as possible. I took Menopur for two weeks and during this time, I had numerous internal scans to ensure that my uterus lining was thick enough and also to see if I had any follicles in my ovaries.

On Monday 6th May I had my last egg activity scan and was told to take my trigger injection that evening at 9pm. The trigger injection to start ovulation, this takes 36 hours. So I was booked in for egg collection on the Wednesday 8th May at 10.15am. I was told I would be sedated which calmed me a little, as the scratch I had really shook me, I found it very intense and painful and any procedures I have now in that area my heart rate shoots through the roof. The doctor sedated me and gave me powerful painkillers before they started the procedure, it took 15 minutes, I wasn’t as sedated as I had hoped as I felt the pinches as the needles went into the ovaries, but other than that it was quite painless.

From the egg collection we had 17 eggs! Which the doctors were very happy with considering my low FSH levels. Needless to say Pete and I were ecstatic!

That evening the eggs were fertilised, Pete didn’t want to talk about the amount of eggs or even think about how many may be viable, so we waited until early next morning when the clinic called me and of the 17 eggs, 14 were mature enough to try fertilisation, and of those 14, 12 managed to fertilise!!

We then had to wait to see how many of our embryos went forward and how many would make it to the day 5 blastocyst stage. We had a call 3 days later and the clinic booked us in for a 5 day transfer, they were happy with how the Embryos were progressing and it look promising for a 5 day blastocyst transfer.

On the day of transfer the embryologist advised us that as well as a grade A embryo they were we had 3 embryos that were grade A and could be frozen. 1 was nearly good enough and could get to were where it should be, 5 were not quite good enough and 1 didn’t progress. AMAZING – 3 frozen embryos as well as the 1 they were putting in!!

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